vSphere — a data center and cloud platform

VSphere is the industry's leading server virtualization software and the foundation for
building a modern data center

Advantages of the platform

Reliable application virtualization

Improved scalability, performance and availability for reliable application virtualization

Easy management of the virtual data center

Efficient and easy-to-use tools for creating, sharing, deploying, and migrating virtual machines

Creating and managing cloud environments

Deploy and manage cloud environments by leveraging the vSphere platform and other VMware products or open source platforms

Use cases

Data center consolidation

Simplify data center processes and manage large environments, improve business efficiency, and reduce capital and operating costs through virtualization

Application and infrastructure security

A comprehensive, built-in architecture and easy-to-use policy-based model secure applications, infrastructure, data, and access. Application protection on the vSphere platform is powered by machine learning and behavioral analytics to help you monitor threats and automate the response process. The scalable solution provides enhanced visibility and protection without the need for management agents with minimal overhead

Application performance improvement and hybrid cloud

With the latest hardware developments, you can dramatically improve the performance of your existing applications. Support new workloads and use cases such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Balance workloads and prioritize resource allocation to maximize the performance of critical applications. Combine on-premises environments with vSphere-based public clouds and simplify hybrid cloud operations

Modern containerized applications

VSphere Integrated Containers helps enable collaboration between IT and developers. With the core capabilities of vSphere, IT can run traditional and containerized applications on the same shared infrastructure without the need for additional tools or training

Virtualization of big data

Simplify your big data infrastructure management and make it more cost-effective. VMware is the best platform for both big data and traditional applications. Minimize downtime with a single, cost-effective failover tool; easily manage, prioritize and share data center resources; and provision virtual networks across multiple hosts and clusters from a centralized interface

Support for remote offices and branches

Manage remote offices and branch offices without hiring separate IT staff. Enable rapid server provisioning through virtualization, minimize node configuration drift, and improve compliance visibility across multiple environments

Migration of legacy UNIX systems to Linux virtual systems

VSphere provides high performance, improved availability and support for larger virtual machines, as well as disaster recovery capabilities when migrating legacy UNIX infrastructure to virtualized Linux systems. The solution enables you to move running virtual machines from one physical server to another without downtime and provides extensive troubleshooting capabilities such as rollback and recovery for patching and upgrades

Features of vSphere 8

Hardware to support both traditional workloads and next-generation applications

Convenient and efficient management of environments of any size

Built-in comprehensive security system based on an easy-to-use policy-based model

A versatile application platform that supports new workloads and leverages hardware innovations to improve performance

Easily work in the hybrid cloud with efficient tools to visualize, migrate and administer workloads on-premises and in the public cloud

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